Our Philosophy

At Q4 Architects we believe that great architecture should aim at improving everyday life through design.

We believe architecture improves lives by being aesthetically beautiful, incorporating user-friendly innovation, offering creative solutions to specific challenges, and by being responsible to the greater community we live in, while offering our clients responsive solutions to their demands and needs. 

Who We Are

Q4 Architects Incorporated is a mid-size architectural practice specializing in residential design, community planning and institutional and community buildings. Formerly known as Quadra Design Studios, we have over 30 years of experience in the profession.

Although our studio was first established in 2004, the Principal, Associates and many of the senior staff have worked together for more than 15 years. Q4 offers a knowledgeable, creative workforce of 50 that thrives in an atmosphere of smart design – attention to detail and innovative architectural solutions. With offices in Toronto and Calgary, Q4 Architects does work throughout Ontario, Alberta and several U.S. States including Arizona, Florida, Minnesota and North Carolina. Q4 prides itself on repeat business, from large master planned, transit oriented communities to brownfield and infill sites.

We are committed to producing sensible design. We create affordable, engaging communities that are walkable, transit oriented, and diverse. Concern for the environment is paramount at Q4 Architects.

Missing Middle typologies provide more affordable housing solutions

These Five Dimensions Underpin Our Design Philosophy

Aesthetic Beauty Great architecture should reveal the architect's thought and creativity, and passion for design. We have the expertise and versatility necessary to fluidly combine elements of classic design styles and modern design principles to create unique and beautiful spaces.

User-Friendly Innovation Great design must be useful, functional, and user-friendly. It has to work. We are known for our creative, detail-oriented designs, made with the building's eventual purpose in mind. We are continually pursuing new design-based improvements to quality of life, for the benefit of our clients and those using the buildings and its spaces.

Creative Solutions At Q4A, we believe that no footprint is too small, no site too problematic to produce creative design solutions. We push the envelope time and time again, whether it be by designing a residential master plan that exceeds all expectations, a leading edge high-density condominium complex or in developing an award-winning tornado-resistant house. We are industry leaders in the drive to develop on brown field sites and we are at the forefront in creating transit-oriented communities. We are constantly developing new typologies and innovations that respond to our clients’ desires and building programs.

Responsibility to the Community At Q4 Architects, we are committed to producing sensible design that is socially responsible and environmentally sustainable. We are passionate about helping to make our world a better place, by promoting the use of building materials derived from renewable resources, where appropriate, to improve occupant health and reduce environmental impact. We are committed to socially conscious design. We are extremely proud of our work on community spaces, as it allows us to showcase our belief that development of the right space, with a focus on purpose, efficiency, and usefulness, can improve the quality of life of all members of our community.

Responsive Solutions to Clients’ Demands and Needs Q4A listens. We integrate design opportunities within realistic frames of time constraints, municipal approvals, and strict budget considerations. We offer all our clients an array of options, by being an intrinsic part of the process, right from the outset of each project. We are part of the discussion and hold and gain clients’ trust by helping them achieve attainable goals in given schedules, never compromising on design quality and/or marketability. For this purpose, we engage all clients on a productive two-way dialogue, in a team spirit and with their interests in mind at all times.

"There is a skill in managing information and listening during collaboration. Q4A knows how to collaborate and take that information to create a better offering."

—Peter Gilgan, Mattamy Homes

What We Do

  • Land acquisition and feasibility studies
  • Market research and new typology research
  • Site services, site analysis, and grading services
  • Site reviews
  • Prototype development and modelling
  • Visioning studies and master planning
  • Programming
  • Design development
  • Construction documentation
  • Preparation of marketing materials
  • Urban design reports